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Cost Calculator

We know decisions about paying for air travel can be complicated so we created this cost calculator to help users size up the cost of flying from the Northwest Arkansas National Airport compared to the Tulsa and Kansas City airports. It’s possible that the airfares are lower at those other airports, but that may not be the case once the cost of driving, parking and other expenses are factored in. You do the math. Our calculator walks you through the process. The mileage that’s entered assumes you live near the J.B. Hunt headquarters at the center of the Northwest Arkansas region, but you can adjust the driving distances to more accurately reflect where you live.

Tulsa XNA Kansas City
Input Flight Fare
Driving Distance To Airport
Driving Cost To Airport 62.10 6.32 138
Driving Distance From Airport
Driving Cost From Airport 62.10 6.32 138
Airport Parking Per Day* 9 8 7.50
How Many Parking Days?
Total Parking Cost 9 8 7.50
Toll Road 6.50 0 0
Total Travel Cost 139** 19** 286**
**Total cost shown doesn’t include flight costs until you “Input Flight Fare”