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Delta Air Lines announced today that its gearing up with 56 nonstop flights to make travel easier for college football fans. Two of those nonstop flights will touch down for touchdowns at Northwest Arkansas National Airport.

Delta plans nonstop flights to XNA so University of Tennessee fans can see the Volunteers play the University of Arkansas on Oct. 5.

The airline also plans nonstop trips from Austin so University of Texas fans can more easily make their way to Northwest Arkansas for the Longhorns game against the Razorbacks on Nov. 16.

Seats on the nonstop flights won’t be for sale until Saturday, a Delta spokesperson said. The best place to find exact flight times and pricing is the Delta Air Lines website.

Generally, the flights depart from Knoxville and Austin late on the Friday afternoon the day before the game. The return flights to those cities departs from XNA around noon on the Sunday after the game.

The nonstops to XNA from Knoxville and Austin being offered by Delta were among the 56 nonstop flights focused on football games announced by the airline today.

It’s not unusual for airlines to schedule football-focused flights and both Delta and United Airlines scheduled special XNA flights to make travel easier in 2023.

United, which hasn’t shared its football-related schedule yet this year, had nonstop flights from XNA to Baton Rouge and Birmingham to make travel easier to games against LSU and Alabama.

Delta had 2023 football season flights to XNA from Salt Lake City so BYU fans could travel to Northwest Arkansas.