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The low-cost airlines serving Northwest Arkansas National Airport will step up how often they fly from the region this summer, increasing the likelihood that travelers will be able to find affordable flights.

The schedules of Allegiant Air, Breeze Airways and Frontier Airlines all show more flying from XNA in June, July and August before it tapers off again in late August and September. Most of those flights are Florida-bound.

It’s normal for the low-cost carriers to fly more in the summertime and to account for a larger portion of all XNA travelers because of it. The three LCCs carried 20% of all XNA travelers last year, but the percentage was 25% in June and July last year.

FareFlightNWA describes how the low-cost carriers are increasing their offerings this summer below.


The mad dash from Northwest Arkansas to Destin hits high gear on May 25. That’s when Allegiant starts flying nonstop to the Florida city six days a week (no Tuesdays).

Those six-day-a-week flights continue through Aug. 14, and then it backs off to five days a week (no Tuesdays or Wednesdays). The five days of flying goes until Oct. 23.

The fares are great on just about every Allegiant flight to Destin. It should be easy to purchase a roundtrip for less than $190 with rare exceptions.


Allegiant and Breeze compete for travelers headed to Orlando, and there’s more flying to that metro this summer.

Allegiant, which lands at the Orlando-Sanford airport on the north end of the region, flies four days a week through Aug. 12. It’s twice a week most other times of the year.

Breeze had been flying to Orlando International Airport on the south end of the region just twice a week, but it quickly expanded to four days after starting the service in March. Those four weekly trips continue through Sept. 1.

Airfare is less expensive on Allegiant (generally less than $150 roundtrip vs. less than $200 roundtrip on Breeze). The Breeze flight has its advantages, as the 129-seat planes are more comfortable and the flights land at the airport with better proximity to Walt Disney World.


The same two airlines compete on the Tampa route, but only Breeze is expanding its offerings this summer.

The airline beefs up its schedule on July 2, flying to Tampa International Airport every Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday during the month.

Allegiant will maintain its schedule, going to the nearby St. Pete/Clearwater airport twice each week.

Travelers on either airline should be able to purchase roundtrips for less than $200.


XNA has daily nonstops to Denver every day of the week, but only Frontier has expanded its schedule for summer flying.

The low-cost airline is up to four flights a week (Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday). The current Frontier schedule shows roundtrips are routinely $197 or 217, but it’s sometimes more expensive.

United Airlines offers great flight frequency to Denver with three trips a day from XNA. The roundtrip fare is often $400 to $575.

Los Angeles

Allegiant restarts flights from XNA to Los Angeles in the summer, and that service gets going June 1. The XNA-to-LAS route takes off each Sunday and Thursday.

The flights aren’t as inexpensive as on other Allegiant routes, but it’s still possible to purchase a roundtrip for $200 to $325 on most days this summer.