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Northwest Arkansas travelers who are uncertain about what to expect when flying this summer due to the COVID-19 pandemic can find guidance on the Northwest Arkansas National Airport’s website.

Airports across the nation, including most of the nonstop destinations from XNA, offer similar passenger guidance. For Arkansas travelers, it’s every bit as important to know what’s required at the destination airports and in those communities.

The guidance from the Northwest Arkansas airport, which is gradually seeing its number of passengers increase, includes several steps taken to ensure the safety of passengers.

The airport:

  • Requires passengers over age 9 to wear face coverings or masks while in the terminal. Four airlines at XNA – American, Delta, Frontier and United — require face masks or coverings on all flights.
  • Requires everyone who works at the airport to wear masks. The guidance is consistent with what many of the tenant companies at XNA and the Transportation Security Administration require of their own employees nationwide.
  • Allows entry to the airport only through the main entrance. Other entrances are closed. The main entrance is directly in front of the escalators and it’s the closest entrance to the American Airlines ticket counter.
  • Allows only passengers and people who work at the airport in the terminal.
  • Increased cleaning throughout the airport, focusing on high-touch areas such as handrails and elevator buttons.
  • Put plexiglass in areas where passengers must interact with people who work at the airport. There’s plexiglass at the airline ticket counters, rental car businesses and the TSA checkpoint.
  • Marked social distancing expectations. It’s clear where travelers should stand while waiting in lines throughout the terminal, and the markings are consistent with the six-foot distance that are standard nationwide.

The airport offers information about other rules and guidance on its website that’s worth reviewing prior to travel.

FareFlightNWA is providing links to COVID-19 information for each of XNA’s nonstop destinations. With the exception of the Destin airport, which has no COVID-19 guidance on its website, these are all links to airport websites.



Chicago O’Hare

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Las Vegas

Los Angeles


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San Francisco

Washington Reagan